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Bill Validation

AMR vs Smart Metering

AMR vs SMART MeteringIn a world where energy is becoming more accessible than ever before, we provide you with the insight, myth busters and highlighting how your business can become more energy efficient with AMR and Smart Metering.Smart Meters With businesses temporarily closing for the national lockdown it is becoming even more difficult to obtain and submit timely meter reads to gas, electricity and water suppliers. This is ultimately causing large estimated bills and overcharging of customers who cannot provide meter reads. Due to this we are advising consumers to request a SMETS2 smart meter from their energy suppliers in…

Overcharging on energy invoices

Overcharging on energy billsFrom 2012 to 2017, Big Six energy suppliers amassed a huge £7.3 billion from regular overcharging of customers, according to Ofgem. In 2015 this equated to £234 per customer per year. From 2017, we have seen a large increase in Suppliers being penalised for overcharging energy consumers, a few examples are listed below.  14 June 2019 - Shell Energy ordered to pay £390,000 for overcharging customers. Market share: 2.70% 20th January 2020 - Ovo Energy ordered to pay £8.9 million for overcharging customers. Market Share: 15.80% 29th January 2020 - Utility Warehouse ordered to pay £650,000 for…