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About The National Energy Hub

The National Energy Hub is an award winning utility management consultancy and one of the fastest growing in the UK.

How we work

Here at The National Energy Hub, we rely on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software technology and automated-machine learning to capture and interpret the best value outcome for you and your business at every stage of your energy-spend life cycle.

Our RPA technology

Imagine teaching a robot a set of instructions and activities to adhere to. Notably, this ‘bot’ is not a physical or tangible entity.

RPA is high-level software technology used by the National Energy Hub that automates and learns to perform high-volume, repetitive tasks, which, in our case, is buying and managing your company’s energy consumption.

This smart technology learns and evaluates your consumption patterns and behaviours, allowing us to quickly and effectively aid multi-site businesses to gain control over their complex energy expense investments.

Why use RPA technology?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a game changer because it combines the knowledge and capability of human workforce with the speed, accuracy, and added productivity of a software robot.

Not only does this remove the potential of costly human error, but it also allows our employees to devote more time and energy to much more valuable tasks and areas that require their unique and diverse skillset!

The end result is data accuracy, cost predictions, and improved value that cannot be matched by traditional manual or semi-automated processes.

Not only do we offer our industry expertise, we deliver it by:

Automating your business energy spend life cycle.

Managing your energy accounts from an end to end perspective.

Saving you time and money with our processing speed, quality and productivity.

Who RPA helps

By combining our catalogue of energy expertise with our market-leading RPA technology, we have helped hundreds of organisations within the private and public sectors significantly reduce their energy costs, consumption, and carbon emissions.

As industry leaders, we utilise our buying power with over 36 energy suppliers to assist:

Local authorities and central government departments
Multi Academy Trust’s, universities and colleges
Housing associations and caring/nursing homes
Charities and non-profit organisations
Fortune 500
High street retail
Restaurant chains
Petrochemical companies
Managing agents, serviced buildings & student accommodation

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