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Flexible Energy For You

Our flexible energy experts take active steps to ensure we save you money throughout your contract

Full flexibility so you can take control of your business energy

Flexible energy purchasing suits larger businesses (those who consume over 6GWh of power per annum and/or above 10G^Wh of gas) who want a controlled approach to energy purchasing. Flexible energy contracts allow businesses to make purchasing decisions ahead of time at the rate that suits them, such as months, quarters, seasons, or years. You’ll receive regular reports on performance and relevant energy market updates to keep you in control of your energy spend in relation to latest price movements and market regulations.

Risk Managing the Energy Market

We offer risk management strategies to meet your business’ needs, considering your business objectives and appetite for risk negotiating with energy suppliers that provide flexible purchasing terms on your behalf. Choose how far into the future you want to buy energy and how much support and advice you’d like from our experienced flexible energy advisors to stay in control of your energy purchasing.

Our energy experts combine their knowledge with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems for a real time tendering with a multitude of energy suppliers. With your contract in place, our team will set up monitoring and targeting points against your energy consumption to ensure you not only stay within budget but take full advantage of additional savings possibilities.

Are you a smaller business who wants the benefits of flexible energy procurement?

National Energy Hub’s Energy Baskets create aggregated buying power by grouping small businesses into one flexible buying contract.

"Our Energy Buying Team have achieved over 52% in-contract savings for clients over the last 12 months compared to 2022/2023 budgets".

Lee Harris, Senior Management

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