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Net Zero & Renewable Energy

Hit your energy management goals and achieve net zero emissions by deploying renewable energy for a maintainable, habitable, and sustainable world.

Clean, green renewable energy that won’t cost the earth.

Why should my business give renewable energy any consideration?

When we burn non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, oil, and gas, we generate power and energy at the expense of emitting carbon dioxide into the air. These toxic and harmful actions are the leading cause of climate change and global warming, which is nothing but detrimental to our planet and mankind. As a result, lessening our dependence on fossil fuels – and eventually eradicating them entirely – is a global priority that all businesses can partake in.

Here at The National Energy Hub, we offer cleaner, renewable energy solutions, allowing your business to become more cost-effective and eco-friendly. And, where this type of energy is extracted from natural sources, it is steadily replenished and always there when you need it most.

Start your Net Zero journey today by making the simple step of sourcing your energy supplies ethically. With the help of The National Energy Hub, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and lead your business towards a healthier, safer, and greener future.

Going green with The National Energy Hub

Today’s choices are tomorrow’s realities – especially when it comes to combatting climate change. That’s why The National Energy Hub is dedicated to helping businesses and organisations reduce their carbon footprint by moving away from fossil fuels and adopting alternative, natural energy supplies that are renewable, affordable, and sustainable.

A net zero pathway requires your business to stamp out and eliminate its carbon emissions, namely pollutants and greenhouse gases – and that’s where we step in. Our energy-saving experts, in partnership with Renewable Hub, are here to assess, recommend, and implement. We work alongside you to design an energy management strategy that lowers your CO2 emissions, saves operating costs and, most importantly, works towards a better future for all.

Interested in grants or funding opportunities? We can help with that, too. Our alliance with Renewable Hub means that your business could be eligible for up to 50% of project value. With their skilled advisors overseeing every step of the journey, the pathway to accessible renewable energy couldn’t be smoother or easier.

Learn more about what specific energy options are available to you below.

Our renewable energy solutions

Eager to get the most from your energy provider? Well, you’re in the right place.

The National Energy Hub vows to provide your business with safer, cleaner, renewable energy that saves time, money, and the planet. Browse our energy solutions below and boost your business’ green credentials today.

Carbon offsetting

If your business chooses to ‘offset’ its carbon footprint, you purchase U.N. certified ‘credits’ which work as a harmonising exchange tactic: if your business utilises power and releases carbon into the atmosphere, these ‘credits’ ensure that proportionate emissions elsewhere are removed or prevented in tandem. This process of de-carbonisation is intended to stabilise the planet’s composition with the aim to excel your journey to net zero.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

CHP is the simultaneous production of usable electricity and heat from the exact same source. Unlike other methods, the advantages of CHP are two-fold: power is generated for your business to operate and function while the by-product, heat, is an invaluable resource that can be used elsewhere in the company. This method is 90% more efficient and is much more economical and inexpensive.

EV Charging

The future of driving is electric, making EV Charging (points) increasingly popular amongst businesses. With options that span from 22kW all the way to 300kW, not only are EV Chargers proven to attract more customers, they are also indicative of your business’ commitment to providing greener energy solutions that protect and help the planet.

Heating & Cooling Efficiency Technology

Add a smart device to your current heating or cooling systems that will reduce the time – and money – they spend running, improving overall efficiency. Rely on our trusted, sophisticated algorithm to extend the lifespan of your technology, thereby lowering your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint in the long run.

Heating Solutions

Do you want to heat your business with a more energy-efficient method? Opting for underfloor heating, whether it be an Air Source or a Ground Source Heat Pump, eliminates the need to rely on and burn fossil fuels. Instead, air or water (depending on the method) is used to generate heat. This is a much cleaner and smarter way to heat your business and reduce its carbon footprint.

LED Lighting

LED bulbs are a much more eco-friendly choice for your business when compared to others on the market. They are brighter, have greater durability, are much safer, and completely recyclable. Also, rather than waste energy turning on or warming up, LED lights switch on and off immediately. As a result, your business can save money whilst reducing major impact (namely Co2) on the environment.

Ozone Technology

Ozone Technology is one of the strongest oxidisers and (natural) disinfectants on the market. For businesses that rely heavily on dangerous chemical cleansers, ozone is an environmentally friendly solution that saves on cost, labour, water usage, time and energy. Available for use in different formats, this technology is also 100% organic.

Solar PV

Generate your own sustainable electric power with solar panels. By generating energy directly from the sun, not only can you reduce annual electricity costs and limit your dependence on grid-supplied power, you can also take steps towards minimising your carbon footprint. This renewable source can be ground-mounted, roof-mounted or integrated into solar carports.

Voltage Optimisation

Enhance the longevity of your business’ electrical equipment and ward off power surges with Voltage Optimisation. VO helps your organisation use less energy and can save you between 8–15% of total annual electricity spend by managing, regulating, and optimising the power levels on your site. In essence, your company won’t overuse or waste its electricity.

Water Audit

Receive a full review of your current water usage, as well as any duplicate or hidden charges, allowing you to enhance your water management and performance. Rather than rely on ‘estimated’ consumption and cost, an audit will identify precise usage, ensure you are on the correct banding, offer refunds or credits when applicable, reduce unnecessary waste, and maximise your water efficiency.

Unable to find a solution that is right for you?

We know there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ energy solution for every business. That’s why we offer further assistance and services than just those listed to help provide our customers with the best possible outcome.

If you are looking for further carbon and cost reductions, get in contact with our friendly team and explore supplementary ‘green’ solutions today!

Give ‘green energy’ a go and get in touch by completing our enquiry form below. Alternatively, email all enquiries to hello@thenationalenergyhub.co.uk or give the team a call on 0330 111 1432.

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