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Energy Baskets

No buying power for flexible energy? Navigate a volatile marketplace with The National Energy Hub’s Energy Baskets.

Reduce Your Business Costs with Flexible Energy Procurement

With a flexible energy contract, The National Energy Hub can help you to take advantage of changes to the wholesale energy market.

As energy prices rise, businesses need even greater security. Energy Baskets are a proven strategy that allow us to benefit businesses of any size, with a personalised risk management strategy that reflects your attitude to risk.

“Of the £millions spent each year on the procurement of electricity and gas, experts believe that an average of 5% cost reduction can be achieved by better procurement, and a further 3.5% from aggregating volumes (therefore reducing supplier margins), but this does depend on market movement”. – ISBL

energy baskets

The National Energy Buying Group Approach

Want budget certainty, greater buying power and the opportunity to save money on your energy bills?

We developed Energy Baskets to help any size business flexibly access the wholesale energy market. Throughout the lifetime of your contract, you will be able to capitalise on falling markets despite your initial fixed price quote so that you always receive the best possible price.

“We have secured 5-10% in additional savings for clients who joined our buying groups vs a fully fixed option”. 

– Lee Harris Senior Management

How The National Energy Hub can help

The National Energy Hub provides a service that helps you monitor and reduce your energy costs with protection from market increases without hassle.

This fully managed service benefits your business by having your own unique risk strategy tailored to meet your appetite for risk, level of  budget certainty whilst aggregating your energy volume with other businesses for greater buying power.

Our dedicated team are on hand to guide and support you through the process from an end-to-end perspective.

Get in touch to see how our Energy Baskets can benefit your business today.

Energy Baskets Saving

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