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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions About Business Electricity and Gas

Business energy can be a minefield and confusing at times. We answer a series of common questions which might help you understand the business energy market in order to make the best decision for your company.

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What makes the National Energy Hub different?

The National Energy Hub is committed to delivering outstanding levels of service to private and public sector organisations, through innovative, transparent procurement and value-added services.

We use Robotic Process Automation to deliver value at every stage of the utility spend management life cycle.

Save you money and time across your utilities and delivering high value.

Manage your energy accounts from an end to end perspective.

Automate your business energy spend life cycle using machine learning and RPA technology.

How do I get free energy saving tips and news?

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    What businesses do you work with?

    Our clients range from the public sector, large corporates and small to medium businesses, single and multi sites.

    Our members range from:

    • Local authorities and central government departments
    • Multi Academy Trust’s and educational authorities
    • Housing associations and caring/nursing homes
    • High street retail
    • Restaurant chains
    • Charities and non-profit organisations
    • Universities and colleges
    • Petrochemical companies
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Managing Agents
    • Industrial manufacturers
    • Fabric and textile manufacturers
    • Fortune 500 companies

    What is a letter of consent?

    A letter of consent is a simple document that provides authority to The National Energy Hub to act on your behalf.

    If you have not come across a letter of consent before or are unsure how to sign and return your copy then please see our guidelines.

    Speak to one of our experts about a Letter of Consent today.

    I'm in a fixed term contract, when can I switch?

    The business energy market in all but a few cases works on a fixed term basis, that means that if you are being supplied with gas or electricity you are likely to be in a contract that lasts for a defined period and within which you will pay a defined price.

    Speak to one of our experts about your fixed term energy contract today.

    How can my organisation join The National Energy Hub?

    Simple fill in our online form or contact us directly. One of our dedicated team will call you to discuss your options and arrange a free consultation.

    Email: hello@thenationalenergyhub.co.uk

    Telephone: 0330 111 1432

      How are The National Energy Hub paid?

      The National Energy Hub will be paid a management fee from the supplier for the acquisition or renewal of your utility supply. There are no upfront costs paid directly by you unless otherwise agreed. If you would like to discuss our fees in greater detail please contact your dedicated account manager.

      Do you have an energy jargon buster or energy guides?

      Yes we do! See our Energy Know How page for more information.

      What is the termination notice period?

      Please read your supplier terms and conditions as your minim termination notice is detailed there, however as a general rule of thumb supplier termination notice periods can be between 30 and 90 days.

      How much do I need to pay to terminate my energy contract early?

      Most business energy suppliers will require you to pay the remainin consumption on your contract to exit early.

      This can be calculated by your unit rates multiplied by the number of units (kWh) left on your contract.


      If you contract was agreed for 2 years with a 20,000 kWh consumption forecast and you wish to exit your contract 1 year early would mean:

      14p /kWh multiplied by 10,000 kWh’s = £1,400.00

      This would be your early termination fee.

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