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Energy Procurement

RPA-driven energy procurement solutions that get you the right deal now, and in the future with customised pricing alerts.

Energy Procurement Made Simple

Escape the stress of traditional energy procurement processes with our streamlined utility buying and management process.

Making smart energy buying decisions has never been easier. Our accessible energy comparison calculator gathers everything we need to find you the right tariff now – and beyond. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we always have the data on hand for all purchasing opportunities, keeping you informed of potential changes in wholesale and regulated costs.

Which of our award-winning energy procurement solutions is right for your business?


Best for: budget certainty and protection against energy cost increases

Fixed energy contracts are popular with most businesses, providing a low-risk option via a single, transparent transaction for your gas or electricity.


Best for: energy purchasing for larger energy consumers who want some certainty with the opportunities to benefit from any market falls

Flexible energy contracts allows buyers to make purchasing decisions up to 36 months before consumption and 12 month prior to a contract beginning, allowing for longer term budgeting via market analysis.


Best for: budget certainty, greater savings and collective buying power

The National Energy Purchasing Groups enables businesses to access flexible purchasing strategies within a risk-managed procurement strategy, benchmarked against a fixed-price quote that has the potential to capitalise on price falls.


Best for: public sector services that need OJEU compliant tenders

Public sector energy should still have freedom of choice. Our service gives end-to-end energy management, tailored to your public sector organisations’ needs, from procurement only to a fully managed service.

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