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Case Study: Together for Mental Wellbeing

SECR compliance, invoice validation and saving in excess of 19% for their energy procurement


Together is a national mental health charity working alongside people with mental health issues on their journey towards independent and fulfilling lives.

Since Together was formed in 1879, they have believed that people with mental health issues have the right and the abilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives as part of their communities.

The people who use their services are at the heart of everything they do. They influence and shape the support they receive from us, and the way our services are run. These core beliefs underpin the vision, mission and values we aspire to.

The National Energy Hub contacted Together for their ESOS compliance initially, but were later asked to participate in an energy procurement tender process against 3 other energy brokers and consultants including their existing broker. 

After an initial review we found:

  • 20% of their energy portfolio was out of contract
  • Individual contracts with no aggregated volume or benchmarking
  • Electricity rates ranging from 14p/kWh to 24p/kWh
  • Gas rates ranging from 3.6p/kWh to 5.5 p/kWh
  • Multiple suppliers with staggered end dates
  • No process for carbon compliance reporting under SECR
  • Managed by a transactional energy broker with no value added services or support

Our Solution

  • A retrospective bill validation dating back 2 years 
  • A fixed energy procurement tender with the requirement of 100% renewable energy across 24 energy suppliers with quotes received from 15 of the 24 energy suppliers
  • Streamlined payment terms with consolidated billing
  • Invoices collected directly from the supplier and validated by The National Energy Hub each month, with discrepancies and invoice disputes resolved prior to payment
  • A New Charges Report sent in csv format to the client accounts team after validation and within 5 days of the bill issue
  • Access to our Multi Award Winning and market leading multi-utility portal to view energy market movement, facilities / site information, budgets, accruals and more 
  • Carbon reports generated and stored for SECR
Energy Canvas

The Results

  • One supplier nominated per fuel with one common end date
  • 100% renewable energy for electricity across all sites
  • Fixed – Flexi energy contracts enabling the client to take advantage of dips in the energy market
  • Streamlined payment terms and consolidated billing
  • Gas savings exceeding 24.02% compared to their existing brokers offer
  • Electricity savings exceeding 19.33% compared to their existing brokers offer
  • Carbon reporting streamlined and automated
  • Energy lifecycle management: from invoice collection and validation to payments