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Guidelines – Letter of consent

Letter of consent guidelines

The National Energy Hub adheres to the Ofgem TPI Code of Practice setting the benchmark for responsible energy suppliers and TPI’s.

Clause 11.2 of the TPI code of practice states:

Where a customer wants the TPI to act on their behalf, the TPI must have Letter(s) of Authority in place, either presented verbally (which is recorded) or
documented (with signature), in clear easy-to-understand language that includes:

– the name of the TPI
– the name of the Managing Agent (if they have one)
– the customer’s contact details (name, site address(es), contact person and phone number)
– a clear explanation of the level of authority that the customer is agreeing to.
– TPI’s should provide the customer with a copy of the LOA (together with a copy of any contract).

Your Letter of Consent

1. A letter of consent shall:

a. be on the your headed notepaper;

b. show your registered company name and address and the company registration number (or, where are not a registered company, the head office
name and address);

c. show the date from which the letter of consent is effective and/or show the date of issue, which shall not be more than 12 months from the date of issue or a rolling 28 day period;

d. be signed by an authorised signatory of your organisation.

2. If you require the TPI (The National Energy Hub) to act as an authorised signatory, enter into supply agreements, trade your energy and authorise variations to contracts on your behalf then the letter of consent shall clearly state that the TPI has such authority.

3. By signing a Letter of Consent, you agree and understand The National Energy Hub will be paid a management fee in the form of a p/kWh fee. This p/kWh fee is built into your unit rates as an indirect fee and paid directly by your nominated energy supplier.

3a. The fee charged will be based on a scale as follows:

Gas & Electricity Commission Disclosure

(CompareBusinessEnergy.online only)

Estimated Annual Consumption Rate Per Meter Per Year (Excl VAT)
EAC <=15,000 kWh £75
EAC > 15,000 kWh  < 30,000 kWh £150
EAC > 30,000 kWh £250

3b. As part of our transparent values we also provide a bespoke fee service with large industrial and commercial customers. Our services are broken down into three components as follows:

I&C Gas & Electricity Fee Disclosure
Service Rate per meter per year (p/kWh)
Procurement only 0.2
Procurement only with bill validation 0.3
Fully Managed Service 0.4

3c. As part of our Fully Managed Service to you, we can provide upon request and subject to
availability, the following Value Added Services:

  • Bill collection and validations
  • Revenue recovery
  • Energy Monitoring & Targeting
  • Budgets and Accruals
  • New connections and metering
  • Access to energy solutions and saving measures
  • Energy Data reporting for compliance purposes
  • Dedicated Account Management

3d. We reserve the right to charge a fee per service if you we have conducted our work and you, the business, have taken our prices directly to an energy supplier or Third Party and secured an energy contract using our price as a benchmark.

3e. If we have to take legal action to recover fees from you, we reserve the right to invoice you for the additional costs incurred. This will be based on the work we have carried out, and an estimate of these costs for a small claim is £500 per meter plus VAT.

3f. You must disclose if you have instructed another organisation to work on your behalf and undertake the services of energy procurement. Failure to disclose this may result in The National Energy Hub invoicing a fee directly for services undertaken.